There are a lot of different techniques used in chiropractic care and some of them do not necessarily involve cavitations (the “pop” sound caused by the joint capsule distension). Dr Emond offers you different techniques to choose from, as such you can decide which technique you would feel more comfortable with. After the initial exam, it is possible that Dr Emond will recommend a particular technique based on the results of the exam and your health condition. Together, you can then discuss the possibility of a different technique should you desire.

The techniques used by Dr Emond are:

– “Diversified technique”: Traditional chiropractic techniques, gentle and with low force that may or may not cause cavitation (“popping” sound)

– Activator technique: Gentle technique using a special percuting instrument

– Thompson technique: Gentle technique using a special table equipped with mobile pieces

– Webster technique and pediatric technique: Combination of different techniques adapted to the special needs of pregnant women, babies and children