Chiro and sports

Athletes and chiropractic care

If you are a high level athlete or a weekend warrior, chiropractic care could be highly beneficial for you.

Because of advanced knowledge and training in human biomechanics, a chiropractor could help you to:

Prevent injuries.  By observing your posture and your technique when you are practicing a sport.  As such, a chiropractor is able to detect biomechanical errors that have the potential to lead to injuries. Working in collaboration, your chiropractor could help you to improve your coordination and posture which could in turn, allow you to improve your overall technique.

Decrease recovery time and increase healing speed.  Even with prevention, injuries can occur.  With regular chiropractic treatments, your chiropractor could help to speed your healing time, by ensuring that your nervous system is functioning at peak capacity.  Healing time depends upon the ability of your nervous system to relay information to all of the different parts of your body, as such it is important that it functions optimally.

Improve your performance. As chiropractic treatment contributes to an optimal functioning of the nervous system, coordination and reaction time could be greatly improved.  Numerous studies conducted with athletes in many different sports tell us the same thing; athletes undergoing chiropractic treatments are able to decrease reaction time as compared to athletes not under chiropractic care.

If your kids participate in sports like hockey, football or gymnastics, you know how much physical stress they endure.  The accumulation of all those stresses and falls can lead to different health conditions, even many years later.  Chiropractic care for your little athletes could be the key to prevent injuries.  Additionally, a chiropractor will be able to advise your child concerning their training, their diet and the practice of their sport.