Chiro and pregnancy

If you are pregnant or planning to be, you could have many advantages to have a chiropractic follow-up during your pregnancy.

First, because of all the postural and hormonal changes your body sustained along the pregnancy, it is possible that you may experience some discomforts or pain like sciatic pain, lumbar pain, numbness in your hands, etc. Chiropractic care represents an effective and safe way for you and your baby to help with those conditions.

Even if you don’t have any pain, preventive chiropractic care could be very beneficial for you. In fact, even without pain, it is possible that your pelvis isn’t fully aligned or functional. This could create different constraints on the uterus (because of its attachment on the pelvis by many ligaments). Those constraints could decrease the space available for the baby and could bother his movements or his ability to align himself in the most optimal position for the delivery. Chiropractic care can contribute to correct imbalances with your pelvis and your lumbar spine in order to assure that you and your baby will have the easiest pregnancy and delivery as possible.