Update Health Measures January 2021


Dears patients,

We would like to inform you that the new health restrictions announced on January 6th, 2021, DO NOT APPLY TO PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL CLINICS like us.

The clinic therefore remains OPEN to allow you to continue your chiropractic care. Obviously, all the sanitary measures already in place continue to apply.

From the entire Hemmingford Family Chiropractic Center team, we wish you a Happy New Year!


Good morning!

Due to the global Covid-19 crisis that is currently raging, we decided, not without sadness, to close our clinic for a period of 3 weeks until April 13th. This decision follows government directives in order to do our part and thus, protect you from the rapid transmission of this pandemic.

However, we will be available to answer your questions remotely using Messenger or email. Below, you will find the links in order to join us.

All together we will get through this crisis and we will be stronger.

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Hope to see you all again soon (in person)

Your chiropractor

André Emond

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Messenger: Send a message to André

Email: andrew_emond@hotmail.com

New location in Montreal

Hello everyone

Already a long time since my last blog. I take a few minutes today to inform you that I now practice in a new clinic, in addition to the clinic in Hemmingford. Every Mondays and Wednesdays, from 10 am to 2 pm, I will be working at Centre-Ville Chiropratique, located at 1197 Place Phillips in Montréal. It will be my pleasure to see you there. People who wish to have an appointment can simply call the clinic at 514-954-1099. My working days at the Hemmingford Clinic remain unchanged on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Dr. André Emond, chiropractor D.C.

My clinic in Beaconsfield

Bye ByeHello everyone

I want to take a few minutes to inform you of a recent change I did in my practice. As many of you already know, last week was my last week working at the clinic in Beaconsfield. For almost 10 years now, I worked in two different places: Beaconsfield and Hemmingford. Since the arrival of my daughter in 2012, I admit that the work-family balance was a little difficult because of the fact that I had to work almost every night of the week.

Earlier this year, I made the decision to leave my practice of Beaconsfield to concentrate in one clinic, and thus be able to spend more time with my family. But fear not, a new chiropractor is there to take my place at the clinic and ensure follow-up with patients. You will be in very good hands.

Finally, I want to thank all my Beaconsfield patients who trusted me for their health and the health of their relatives. I am very honored. I will continue to practice chiropractic in my clinic of Hemmingford, so do not hesitate to say hello if you are in the area.

Thank you very much

Your family chiropractor

Dr André Emond
Chiropractor, D.C.

Chiropractic and plantar fasciitis

Chiropractic and plantar fasciitisThe subject of this article concerns a fairly common condition called plantar fasciitis. I received the question of whether this condition could be treated in chiropractic. Well yes, chiropractic may be effective in treating this condition.

First, what is a plantar fasciitis? This is actually an irritation of a ligament (fascia, hence the name fasciitis) located under the foot (in the arch of the foot). The fascia attaches on a small area of the heel bone and then expand and attaches again under all the toes. When there is an irritation of the fascia, pain is usually felt under the heel. The pain is particularly intense after a prolonged period of immobility, such as getting out of bed in the morning. Patients often feel like if they have a needle under their heel. It may happen that the pain is also felt in the arch of the foot or on the sides of the heel. Generally, pain decreases as the fascia is warming up (ex: walking for a few minutes).

Causes of plantar fasciitis are numerous. For example, prolonged walking on a hard surface, wearing shoes that do not have a good support (ex: high heels), mechanical problems of the foot, ankle, knee and even the pelvis, excess weight, etc.

If the plantar fasciitis persists for an extended period, a calcium deposit can develop where the fascia attaches on the heel, thus causing a bone spur, also known as the Lenoir’s spur (épine de Lenoir).

The good news is that this condition could be improved through chiropractic care. First, a physical examination is necessary to determine the exact cause of irritation. As mentioned earlier, the problem could be limited to the foot, but it is also possible that an imbalance of the pelvis causes the irritation of fascia (caused by the difference of weight on each foot). Your chiropractor will be able to assess the problem. Once the origin of the problem established, chiropractic treatment usually consists of restoring the proper mechanical function of the pelvis, knees, ankles and feet. Muscle techniques are used to reduce the tension in the fascia. Your chiropractor will also be able to give you exercises to do at home in order to help the fascia regain more flexibility. For example, you can massage the fascia by placing a tennis ball on the floor and roll your foot on it. Stretching the muscles of the leg and foot are also necessary to treat the condition. If your chiropractor believes that orthotics might help you resolve the condition, he could refer you to a podiatrist for custom foot orthotics. Applying ice under the foot could also help reduce the inflammation of the fascia.

Typically, this condition responds well to chiropractic care. In the event that the results would be limited to conservative care, other interventions are possible. For example, taking anti-inflammatory or having injections in the foot could be considered (a consultation with your medical doctor will be necessary).

If you suffer from this condition, consult a chiropractor today. Not only the condition might take less time to treat, but you will also prevent the irritation of other related structures such as your knees or even your back.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from your chiropractorHello everyone!

I want to take a few minutes to wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for letting me be your partner in health.

For 2015, I’ll continue to publish articles on my blog in order to keep you informed of what’s new in the health field. As usual, send me your questions and article ideas and it’ll be my pleasure to answer you back.

Again, Happy New Year! Health and Happiness to you and your family

Your family chiropractor

Dr André Emond
Chiropractor, D.C.

Chiropractic and golf

Chiropractic and golfA lot of people were impatiently waiting for the nice weather in order to be able to play golf. However, before rushing to the golf course, it is important to have some knowledge to avoid some injuries that could keep you from practicing your sport.

First, many people rush to the golf course without having previously made some warmups. Why warmups are so important? Mainly because they help ensure that the muscles are ready to do the exercise and the blood supply will be sufficient in the muscles. They also ensure a proper lubrication of all the joints. To warm up, you can make some golf swings without a ball. In addition to helping your muscles, warming up allows your brain and your nervous system to remember the right way to the golf swing. You can also jump up and do a bit of jogging in place to raise your heart rate. To prepare your shoulders to the effort, you can do some rotations with your arms for 15 seconds.

In addition to warmups, there is something else you can do before playing golf: consulting your chiropractor. What is the link between chiropractic and golf do you ask? In fact, the execution of a golf swing requires a good overall flexibility, good mobility of all joints of your body, good movement coordination, good balance and a precise activation of the muscles of the legs, back and shoulders. The chiropractor is an expert of the posture and of the biomechanics of your body. Therefore, your chiropractor will be able to detect movement restrictions in some of your joints and help you fix them. This way, each joint will be able to function properly and allow you a better swing. If you have posture problems that affect your golf swing, the chiropractor will also be able to help you fix them and contribute to improving your performance. Chiropractic treatments also prevent mechanical disorders that may predispose you to injury.

You’re not a golf fan? No problem! The recommendations mentioned above apply to all sports and physical activities that you are planning to do this summer. So for an active and painfree summer, call your chiropractor immediately.

Article inspired by a text published by the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec: “Performer au golf”

Chiropractic and pelvic pain

Chiropractic and pelvic painOne of the most common source of pain in the lower back is probably the irritation of the pelvic joint, also known as a “sacroiliac syndrome”. The pain associated with this problem can be intense enough for the patient to be forced to stop some of his common daily activities. The pain is generally localized just above the buttock and can shoot down in the buttock, the thigh or even to the ankle. Even if the pain pattern could be different from one patient to another, the aggravating factors are usually: sitting for a long period of time, bending forward or sideways, turning in bed, standing for a long time, etc.

Why is it so frequent? Probably because this condition can be caused by so many reasons: sitting the wrong way, sleeping with a torsion in the lower back, playing sports stressful for the lower back (hockey or golf, for example), bad posture, wrong movements, repetitive movements, accidents, pregnancy, etc. Also, there is no age group for this condition. As a chiropractor, I’m treating as many young teenagers for this problem because they are playing soccer for example, that I’m treating adults working in a sitting position the whole day or construction workers. This problem is also very common among pregnant women, mainly because of the increased laxity of the ligaments of the back and because of the increasing weight of the baby.

What is the solution for this problem? Good news! Chiropractic care is usually very effective for this condition. After making sure the pain you have is caused by an irritation of the pelvic joint, the chiropractor will perform a manipulation of the affected joint. The goal of the treatment is to correct the alignment and the movement of the sacroiliac joint in order to stop the production of inflammation. The chiropractor will also work the muscles around the joint because they could also represent a source of pain. Also, the chiropractor will review your activities and your habits with you in order to identify the possible reasons why you developed the problem. Therefore, you will be able to apply the changes needed to avoid a recurrence of the problem. You and your chiropractor are working as a team to not only correct the problem, but also prevent the recurrence of it.

If you think you are suffering from an irritation of the pelvis, contact your chiropractor today. There is not point of suffering from a condition like this when a solution so simple and effective exists.

Enjoy the spring!

How to prevent injuries while traveling

How to avoid injuries while travelingFor this article, I decided to give a few recommendations to those of you who will have the chance to travel during the March break.

First, it is very frequent to get injured after lifting our luggages. To avoid injuries, try to lift using your legs and thighs instead of your back. The muscles in your legs are strong enough for this task compared to your back muscles. Also, remember to avoid doing any twisting movement of your back, especially if you have something heavy in your hands (your luggages). This type of movement creates a big stress on the back, especially on the small cushions (the intervertebral disc) located between the vertebrae.

If you travel by plane, it is recommended to use a pillow, a cushion or a rolled sweater to put on your lower back. This way, your back will be supported even if the seats are not comfortable. You can do the same on the beach if you use one of their lawn chairs, since this type of chair doesn’t provide much support for the lower back.

If you have enough space in your luggages, it could be a good idea to bring your own pillow. Since you can’t control the quality of the mattress you will have at the hotel, at least you will make sure to have a proper support for your neck.

For those of you traveling south, you will probably be tempted to wear scandals more than regular shoes. Be careful because some types of scandals are not providing much support for your feet and ankles. It could be a good idea to wear  a good pair of running shoes  once in a while to give your feet some rest.

Finally, there is no problem to enjoy a drink while relaxing on the beach. Just make sure to drink enough water to avoid any heat stroke or dehydration.

Happy March break to all travelers!