Chiropractic and pelvic pain

Chiropractic and pelvic painOne of the most common source of pain in the lower back is probably the irritation of the pelvic joint, also known as a “sacroiliac syndrome”. The pain associated with this problem can be intense enough for the patient to be forced to stop some of his common daily activities. The pain is generally localized just above the buttock and can shoot down in the buttock, the thigh or even to the ankle. Even if the pain pattern could be different from one patient to another, the aggravating factors are usually: sitting for a long period of time, bending forward or sideways, turning in bed, standing for a long time, etc.

Why is it so frequent? Probably because this condition can be caused by so many reasons: sitting the wrong way, sleeping with a torsion in the lower back, playing sports stressful for the lower back (hockey or golf, for example), bad posture, wrong movements, repetitive movements, accidents, pregnancy, etc. Also, there is no age group for this condition. As a chiropractor, I’m treating as many young teenagers for this problem because they are playing soccer for example, that I’m treating adults working in a sitting position the whole day or construction workers. This problem is also very common among pregnant women, mainly because of the increased laxity of the ligaments of the back and because of the increasing weight of the baby.

What is the solution for this problem? Good news! Chiropractic care is usually very effective for this condition. After making sure the pain you have is caused by an irritation of the pelvic joint, the chiropractor will perform a manipulation of the affected joint. The goal of the treatment is to correct the alignment and the movement of the sacroiliac joint in order to stop the production of inflammation. The chiropractor will also work the muscles around the joint because they could also represent a source of pain. Also, the chiropractor will review your activities and your habits with you in order to identify the possible reasons why you developed the problem. Therefore, you will be able to apply the changes needed to avoid a recurrence of the problem. You and your chiropractor are working as a team to not only correct the problem, but also prevent the recurrence of it.

If you think you are suffering from an irritation of the pelvis, contact your chiropractor today. There is not point of suffering from a condition like this when a solution so simple and effective exists.

Enjoy the spring!

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